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What is the current standard for micro powered access platforms?

All machines are tested to and comply with the requirements of EN 280 the current standard, and the European Machinery, Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives.

How many people can I lift in the X-Series?

The BoSS X-Series is intended to lift one person, plus essential tools and materials, to enable work to be undertaken at height.

Where can I use BoSS X-Series?

The range is designed for indoor and outdoor use (outdoor only with platform closed) and must be used on level ground which is able to support the weight of the machine and its maximum safe working load. Typical applications include maintenance, cleaning, painting, fit and strip out work etc. at varying heights above ground level.

When should micro powered access platforms be inspected?

There are periodical maintenance and checks that should be undertaken daily or pre use, monthly, 6 monthly and annually. Prior to the first use all daily/ pre-use checks should be undertaken. If the BoSS X-Series product has been out of service for any length of time the six monthly checks referred to in the BoSS Maintenance Manual, a copy of this can be found on our Literature section. Following any maintenance on the BoSS X-Series, a full test of the functionality should be undertaken to ensure the correct operation of the machine.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) (UK only) require that lifting equipment for lifting persons must be thoroughly examined every six months.

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Can I use other manufactures replacement parts?

It is essential that only BoSS approved replacement parts are used when maintaining and servicing the BoSS X-Series. Failure to do so may result in an unsafe machine. The replacement parts can be ordered on our Spares or browse our BoSS Maintenance Centre to find the repair programme.

You will need to provide details of:

  • Name of model i.e. BoSS X3X-SP
  • Serial number to be found on the machine plate attached to the chassis of the machine
  • Year of construction
  • Date of purchase of machine
  • Part number and description from the Maintenance Manual
  • Quantity required
  • Company invoice address
  • Delivery address and contact number at this address
  • Desired method of shipment

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How should I safely store the X-Series products?

The BoSS X-Series should ideally be stored inside in a secure, clean and dry environment, with the key removed. When the micro powered access platforms are parked the electromagnetic drive wheel brakes must be engaged and if the machine has to be parked on a gradient the drive wheels must be chocked. The BoSS X-Series must not be stored where the air temperature exceeds 50˚C or falls below -20˚C.

When the machine is not in use the handset controller can be removed from the platform for secure storage. Alternatively the handset can be padlocked to the platform using the clip under the controller. The toolbox can also be padlocked when the machine is out of use.

In order to improve storage space utilization or during transport the step up to the platform can be unbolted and stowed.

Is it acceptable to use a micro powered access platform on a slope?

Ideally the BoSS X-Series should be operated on flat surfaces resulting in a 0˚ chassis inclination. However, the BoSS X3X-SP can be safely operated where the ground is slightly uneven resulting in a 1.5˚ maximum lateral and longitudinal inclination. The BoSS X-Series operating system is fitted with a tilt sensor and will not raise or drive if this angle is exceeded. All four wheels must be in contact with the ground at all times.

How do I know when to charge the BoSS X3X-SP?

The BoSS X3X-SP is fitted with two battery charge level indicators, one on the front of the handset controller (red LED shows charge level), and one on the base unit LCD display (expressed as a percentage of full charge).

The machine is also fitted with a two stage low battery protection system to alert the operator to charge the machine as follows:

  • When the charge level drops to 25% of full charge the platform will no longer raise
  • When the charge level drops to 20% of full charge the platform will no longer raise or drive

The machine is fitted with a safety system which stops all functions being used during the charging process. Keep the base unit drawers closed during the charging process. The BoSS X3X-SP must be charged where the ambient temperature is between 0°C and 50°C.

What are the guidelines for using a micro powered access platform in bad weather?

X3X-SP - The maximum allowable wind speed with the platform closed is 28mph. The work platform must not be extended outdoors or where there is any wind force applied to the machine.