What is the current product standard for podiums?

BoSS podiums are compliant with the current standard BS 8620:2016.

BS 8620 is a British regulation that applies to low-level work podiums with a single working platform equipped with side protection, for use by one person and with a maximum working platform height of less than 2.5m.

Do I need the manufacturer’s instruction manual to use a podium?

Quite simply – if you don’t have a copy of the manufacturer’s instructions, you cannot use the podium.

Never use the podium until you have fully read and understood the User Guide, ensuring the podium has been properly set up using the information it contains.

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When should podiums be inspected?

The podium should be inspected at every use.

  • ALWAYS carry out a Risk Assessment for each job before you start work, to ensure the podium, is the appropriate method of access.
  • ALWAYS check the workstation safety checklist, following the instructions in the User Guide and the labels on the podium. There is a serious risk of injury if you do not follow all the instructions.
  • ALWAYS check the podium for damage before you use it and complete an inspection report if necessary.
  • ALWAYS make sure that you use the podium on firm and level ground.
  • ALWAYS try to position the front of the podium towards the work for maximum stability.
  • ALWAYS wear appropriate protective equipment and workwear, including footwear with a flat and firm sole with good grip.
  • ALWAYS take safety measures when working close to doorways, openings and other traffic paths, to prevent accidental collisions; never block an emergency exit, fire-path or other escape route.
  • ALWAYS secure the podium to prevent unauthorised use.

What are the guidelines for using a podium in bad weather?

NEVER use the podium outside in adverse weather conditions e.g. strong winds, heavy rain.

Can I use other manufactures replacement parts?

It is essential that only BoSS approved replacement parts are used when maintaining and servicing BoSS products. Failure to do so may result in an unsafe product. The replacement parts can be ordered on our Spares or browse our BoSS Maintenance Centre to find the repair programme.


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