Important Notice Regarding Tower Component Compatibility

As a user or provider of the BoSS Aluminium Mobile Access Tower system, we wish to address the issue of mixing tower components from various manufacturers into a single structure.

Werner UK Sales and Distribution Ltd. (Werner UK) are the sole manufacturer of the structural end framework, structural and guardrail braces, working and interim platforms and advanced guardrail frames which are used to construct the BoSS Ladderspan, BoSS Clima, and all other derivatives, of the BoSS Aluminium Mobile Access Tower. Werner UK have not licensed, or otherwise granted permission, to any other company for the manufacture or production of these items.

The BoSS Aluminium Mobile Access Tower Systems have been designed, manufactured and independently certified to the latest relevant European Standard, EN 1004-1:2020 (materials, dimensions, loads safety and performance) and EN 1004-2:2021 (instruction manual), by the internationally recognised and independent 3rd party notified body, TUV SUD. The approved systems and structures are confirmed as fully compliant to the requirements of EN 1004-1:2020 and PPP 52015C:2021 (TUV SUD test protocol) by way of TUV SUD certificate number No. Z1 094925 0014 Rev.02.

For the above tests and approvals, only original BoSS components, together with others included in the original design of the tower and supplied by us, were used for the construction, verification and performance testing.

The full list of approved components, and which are subject to TUV SUD certificate number No. Z1 094925 0014 Rev. 02, can be found in the relevant BoSS Instruction Manuals and on the BoSS approved websites. You can also find a list of the certified components on the TUV SUD website here:

You may already be aware that the Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association (PASMA), as a result of a request from the PASMA Technical Committee, have developed and published (November 2023) a Compatibility Protocol which outlines the strict conditions that must be met before the construction and use of a 'Hybrid' tower (using components from 2 or more different manufacturers) can proceed.

These strict conditions state that a 3rd party certification, from a UKAS or EA accredited body, shall be obtained for 'Hybrid' towers in all permitted combinations of components and that this certification shall satisfy the full requirements of both the Compatibility Protocol and EN 1004-1:2020.

Furthermore, the protocol states that instruction manuals for 'Hybrid' towers shall have 3rd party certification to EN 1004-2:2021, from a UKAS or EA accredited body, and shall contain sufficient information to clearly explain any operational differences between the components of the 'Compatible' tower and 'Other' tower. In this instance, the 'Compatible' tower is the one made from non-BoSS original parts whereas the 'Other' tower is the original BoSS product and components.

We respectfully draw your attention to the fact that, to the best of our knowledge, there are no 3rd party approved bodies that are able to provide certification for 'Hybrid' towers as required by the Protocol. This means that any 'Hybrid' tower falls outside the requirements of the Protocol and therefore cannot be constructed or used.  

In respect of the above, Werner UK have not participated in any discussions or agreements with any party with respect to permitted combinations of components. 

We are of the opinion that the wording used within the PASMA Compatibility Protocol creates unnecessary complexity and confusion, the potential for errors and misunderstandings resulting in injury or worse to Users, and increased costs for manufacturers and distributors, for no apparent benefit to any of these groups. 

Furthermore, the concept of 'Hybrid' towers is in direct conflict with the spirit of the EN 1004 standard and that any inclusion of non-Werner UK supplied tower components within a BoSS tower structure invalidates the product approval certification as provided by TUV SUD meaning that if such components are used, the tower structure is no longer certified as meeting the requirements of EN 1004-1:2020.  

Werner UK have taken advice from our legal representatives and insurers who have confirmed that the use of non-BoSS original components will invalidate all warranty and product liability claims meaning that all such support may be immediately revoked if it cannot be positively proven, by any interested party and without doubt, that only original components and parts as supplied by Werner UK were used in the construction of the subject tower and according to the relevant BoSS assembly instructions. 

Whilst it remains the underlying policy of Werner UK to comply with UK and European competition laws, in both letter and spirit, we cannot recommend nor support the mixing of any aluminium structural component from different manufacturers when constructing a BoSS mobile or static access tower for the reasons we have outlined.  

For further clarification or assistance regarding warranty claims, product liability, or after-sales support, please contact us.