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Folding Base Unit 1.3m (H) x 0.7m (W)

67020100 BoSS Components - BoSS UK
67020100 BoSS Components - BoSS UK




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Folding Base Unit 1.3m (H) x 0.7m (W)

Performance Overview

StyleOpen Height (m)Width (m)Depth (m)Material
BoSS 7001.09m0.77m1.36mAluminium
The BoSS 67020100 Folding Base Unit, measuring 1.3m (H) x 0.7m (W), is designed to be fully integrated with all BoSS 700 series access tower variants.


  • Manufactured and produced from high quality aircraft grade Aluminium
  • Including Ribbed rung tubing offering excellent grip during operation
  • Compatible with BoSS only components.
  • Tube to tube construction for greater strength and rigidity
  • 500mm rung spacing
  • 250mm ladder rung


FeatureSize / Details
Width (m)0.77m
Depth (m)1.36m
Open Height (m)1.09m
Approx. Product Weight (kg)10.4kg
StyleBoSS 700
Tower Rung Pitch (m)0.25m

Package Contents

Part NumberQtyDescription



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