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Toe Board 740 LG 0.15m (H) x 0.79 (W)

32050900 BoSS Components - BoSS UK
32050900 BoSS Components - BoSS UK




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Toe Board 740 LG 0.15m (H) x 0.79 (W)

Performance Overview

StyleOpen Height (m)Width (m)Depth (m)Material
Toe Board0.15m0.79m0.09mTimber / Steel / Plastic
The BoSS 32050900 Toe Board measures 0.15m (H) x 0.79 (W).


  • Different sizes and variants available
  • NOTE: Image is 31950900 Toe Board 192 LG 0.15m (H) x 0.19m (W)


FeatureSize / Details
Width (m)0.79m
Depth (m)0.09m
Open Height (m)0.15m
StyleToe Board
MaterialTimber / Steel / Plastic

Package Contents

Part NumberQtyDescription



Additional BoSS Toe Boards Models

Model No.Width (m)Open Height (m)StyleMaterialOpen Length (m)Depth (m)
301509000.16m0.14mToe Board ClipAluminium / Timber and Plywood
302509000.15mToe BoardTimber0.85m0.03m
303509000.15mToe BoardTimber1.2m0.03m
304509000.15mToe BoardAluminium / Timber and Plywood1.78m0.05m
304514001.33m0.16mToe BoardAluminium0.09m folded
305509000.15mToe BoardAluminium / Timber and Plywood2.48m0.05m
306509000.15mToe BoardAluminium / Timber and Plywood3.18m0.05m
308509000.15mToe BoardAluminium; Timber; Plywood0.75m0.05m
313509000.15mToe BoardAluminium / Timber and Plywood1.29m0.05m
319509000.19m0.15mToe BoardTimber / Steel / Plastic0.08m
320509000.79m0.15mToe BoardTimber / Steel / Plastic0.09m
336509000.15mToe BoardTimber2.1m0.03m
37050900Toe BoardTimber / Steel / Plastic