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Beam Unit Toe Board 2.5m (L)

31150900 BoSS Components - BoSS UK
31150900 BoSS Components - BoSS UK




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Beam Unit Toe Board 2.5m (L)

Performance Overview

StyleOpen Length (m)Open Height (m)Depth (m)Material
Toe Board2.49m0.15m0.05mAluminium / Timber and Plywood
The BoSS 31150900 2.5m Beam Unit Toe Board is produced from sustainable timber and is available in 1.9m and 2.5m, and 3.1m lengths. Components are available separately for flexibility to convert your tower to a different length or height access tower.


  • Produced from quality grade timber sourced in accordance with the renewable forestry commission


FeatureSize / Details
Open Length (m)2.49m
Depth (m)0.05m
Open Height (m)0.15m
StyleToe Board
MaterialAluminium / Timber and Plywood

Package Contents

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Additional BoSS PLUS Components Models

Model No.Open Length (m)Depth (m)Open Height (m)StyleMaterial
310509001.89m0.05m0.15mToe BoardAluminium / Timber and Plywood
311509002.49m0.05m0.15mToe BoardAluminium / Timber and Plywood
312509003.09m0.05m0.15mToe BoardAluminium / Timber and Plywood
345513000.85m0.09mInfill DeckAluminium / Steel