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Trapdoor Deck 3.2m (L)

30651100 BoSS Components - BoSS UK
30651100 BoSS Components - BoSS UK30651100 BoSS Components - BoSS UK30651100 BoSS Components - BoSS UK30651100 BoSS Components - BoSS UK30651100 BoSS Components - BoSS UK




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Trapdoor Deck 3.2m (L)

Performance Overview

StyleOpen Length (m)Open Height (m)Depth (m)Material
Trap Door Platform3.46m0.09m0.6mAluminium / Timber and Plywood
The BoSS 30651100 3.2m Trapdoor Deck is for use on narrow span 0.85m and wide span 1.45m access tower assemblies. Including a wooden anti slip deck and trapdoor, decks are available in 1.3m, 1.8m 2.5m and 3.2m. Components are available separately for flexibility to convert to a different length or height access tower.


  • Manufactured from a lightweight high grade construction specification aluminium.
  • The entire BoSS related deck range all come with a solid aluminium build substructure-cell enabling the decks to withstand a total pressure of 950kg in accordance with EN1004.
  • Pre-fixed support attachments on either end of the fixed deck to enable easy installation without any component assembly prior to the tower assembly.
  • The built in trapdoor comes with a pre fitted lock on the underside of the hatch to enable security during use and access.


FeatureSize / Details
Open Length (m)3.46m
Depth (m)0.6m
Open Height (m)0.09m
Approx. Product Weight (kg)23.8kg
StyleTrap Door Platform
MaterialAluminium / Timber and Plywood

Package Contents

Part NumberQtyDescription



Additional BoSS Decks Models

Model No.Open Length (m)Depth (m)Approx. Product Weight (kg)Style
301511001.86m0.6m11.8kgFixed Deck
302511002.56m0.6mFixed Deck
303511003.46m0.6m22.8kgFixed Deck
304511001.86m0.6m12.7kgTrap Door Platform
305511002.56m0.6m16.3kgTrap Door Platform
306511003.46m0.6m23.8kgTrap Door Platform
307511001.86m0.6m12.1kgFully Hinged Deck
308511002.56m0.6m16.6kgFully Hinged Deck
309511001.36m0.6m9.0kgFixed Deck
670701001.36m0.93m9.8kgTrap Door Platform