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WernerCo enters new heights of tower safety

Jul 1, 2021

In what is being described as a landmark moment for the tower industry, WernerCo is leading the way in the roll out of the new EN1004-1 product standards.

Following in the footsteps of Europe, the UK is adopting these changes to ensure all mobile access towers comply to create a safer working at height environment.

The standards will cover what materials, dimensions, design loads, safety and performance requirements mobile access towers should conform to. Under the scope of the changes, all towers will be covered, even those under 2.5m.

Including additions and clarifications of existing guidance, the key points of the revision ensure that there is a reduction in the distance of a possible fall, more safeguards included on towers, scope for product innovation and new guidance on wind and gust loads.

Sophie Ellam, Product Manager for WernerCo, comments: “We welcome these changes as safety is at the heart of everything we do at WernerCo and whilst most of our towers were already compliant to the new EN1004-1 standards we are always looking for ways in which we can improve to make our products even safer.

“All BoSS products will be put through 3rd party testing to provide additional levels of assurance through official certification to ensure that they comply with this revision. We’re confident that our products not only offer a practical solution but also a safe work at height environment.”

The changes, which are currently in a 12-month transition period and will come into place in November 2021, will revoke any existing standards however, you may continue to use any existing tower products that comply with EN 1004:2004 as long as they are in a suitable condition.

WernerCo has created an online guide for all its customer to explain what the changes mean and how they will affect users, it will also explain what users should look for when purchasing new equipment. 

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