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WernerCo welcomes social distancing guidelines for tower users

Jun 9, 2020

As work on construction sites begins to increase following the ease of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, WernerCo is welcoming PASMA’s latest guidance for those working with towers and the focus on one-person towers.

The new guidance published by PASMA provides a comprehensive overview of the steps the industry should follow in order to safeguard everyone on site. This includes new hygiene procedures, such as regular and thorough disinfection of towers in-between use, to the use of face coverings and gloves and wider site cleaning measures being implemented.

One of the most significant changes on-site set out by the UK Government, and highlighted in the PASMA guidance, is the importance of social distancing and ensuring that people stay 2m apart when working. To support this, PASMA is urging the use of one-person towers, which are designed to be built and dismantled by one person, rather than two as required by most standard towers.

Sophie Ellam, BoSS Product Manager at WernerCo, commented: “At WernerCo, we fully support the new guidance published by PASMA, providing tower users with helpful steps to consider when working in this new post-lockdown environment, particularly the importance of utilising one-person towers.

“The BoSS SOLO700 access tower is a great solution available with safe working heights between 3.2m and 5.2m that can help to encourage social distancing within the workplace. Not only is it quick and easy to assemble by just one person, the access tower base unit forms a trolley to simplify transportation whilst working alone. Additionally, the BoSS X3X range is our micro-scissor lift designed for indoor low-level access that is also suitable for working whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines.”

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