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Step by Step: WernerCo releases handy video guides for BoSS range

May 21, 2020

With manufacturing facilities and construction sites beginning to reopen after the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, WernerCo’s series of step-by-step video guides for its BoSS® range of mobile towers are ideal for those looking to familiarise themselves with the BoSS range.

The nine videos, each dedicated to an individual BoSS product, will serve as a helpful guide to quickly and easily assembling access tower systems from right across the BoSS range, including its innovative StairMAX 700, Ladderspan and Clima solutions.

Sophie Ellam, BoSS Product Manager at WernerCo, commented: “As construction work restarts nationwide, we want to do all we can to support tradesmen as they return to site. We’ve always been proud that our BoSS range of mobile tower systems are easy to use and quick to adapt, and these product guide videos provide additional support for both seasoned tower builders and those who may need a refresher. This is crucial as by helping to educate those responsible for building towers and familiarising them with the BoSS range, this will ultimately help to minimise the risk of accidents when working.

“The videos feature a handy visual overview of assembling the product, with qualified professionals demonstrating how to build the towers in real time. Available on the official YouTube channel for BoSS Access Towers website, we hope the video guides will be the perfect tool for users looking to familiarise themselves with the product range – ultimately ensuring that those on site spend less time building the towers, and more time using them.”

To watch the entire series of video guides, please visit the official BoSS Access Towers channel here:

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