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The latest addition to our BoSS low level access solutions

Jan 31, 2020

The latest addition to our BoSS range of low level access solutions is the BoSS Pod 1000, which will be widely available from March. The BoSS Pod is a lightweight but sturdy low level work platform designed as a single folding unit, making it incredibly easy to store and transport. With a compact footprint, the BoSS Pod provides an easy solution when working in small spaces.

One of the largest benefits of the BoSS Pod 1000 is that it features an all on one design with no removable parts that folds into a compact unit, helping to save time when transporting the unit between locations and keeping all elements of the podium together in one place. The compact all-in-one podium is designed with fully integral parts, including pivoting stabilisers that allow the user to work in the right position no matter the job and an integrated ladder for easy ascending/descending.

The guard rail and safety gate provide 360º protection for users, meaning work can be completed whilst facing any direction, and the auto-close mechanism allows for hands free opening and closing of the gate. Should it be required, a handy toe board kit is available for the BoSS Pod 1000 as an optional extra for additional safety.

Since announcing the BoSS Pod 1000 to customers, we have already seen a large interest in this product. As a result, we will also be looking to launch larger BoSS Pod 1200 and 1500 versions of this low level access solution later this year.

With all low level work platforms, they must be certified to the BS8620:2016 safety standard and we are very visible in promoting that our products meet this requirement, helping to make it easier for those looking to replace PAS 250 products. The stability element of the new standard also requires stabilisers to be used with all podiums. The BoSS Pod stabilisers are permanently retained as part of the all-in-one unit, which eliminates the risk of an incomplete product being used. But, one of the most important features for our customers continues to be the ease of set-up, as the more time spent assembling podiums means less time getting the job at hand completed. Manoeuvrability is also key for our customers, which is why the Pod 1000 is ideal – it can simply be folded into a compact unit and moved between locations.

We are always looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to low level access solutions, and we continually get feedback from our customers to understand where there might be a gap in the market and how we can develop our products to meet their needs.

View BoSS Pod 1000 full specification