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Providing Access to the Great Indoors

Feb 27, 2019

The WernerCo BoSS® X-SERIES machines are micro-scissor lifts designed for indoor low-level access. These machines improve productivity compared to towers as no pre-build or set up is required.

Lightweight and compact, the WernerCo BoSS® X-SERIES micro-scissor lifts pass easily through standard doorways and can be moved from floor to floor in multi-storey buildings via a passenger lift. These machines are highly manoeuvrable and can be effortlessly pushed into position ready for the operator to board and raise the platform. The operator will feel safe and secure on the platform which is supported by a rigid and robust box section scissor.

The BoSS® X-SERIES machines are designed for a multitude of tasks including construction, especially fit and strip-out work, painting and decorating, shop fitting, facilities management, cleaning and general maintenance.

These hardwearing micro-scissors’ make great rental machines and can be moved around or from site to site via the machines’ integrated forklift pockets. Thanks to their hardwearing nature, the X-SERIES is suitable for construction sites and in hospitals, schools, airports, shopping centres, retail outlets, transport environments, factories and offices.

BoSS® X-SERIES machines are primarily designed for internal use by building and construction professionals in demanding site environments. These machines are fitted with a host of safety features and are suitable for a multitude of tasks where a lightweight unit is essential.

The BoSS® X3X is tall enough to reach through a suspended ceiling and is therefore the ideal solution for mechanical and electrical, plumbing as well as HVAC contractors either for fit/strip-out or maintenance.

Sophie Ellam, Product Manager for WernerCo commented: “The BoSS® X-Series offer workers safe, versatile and efficient access whatever the job. We know that time is often of the essence when carrying out maintenance work and the X-Series allows users to safely complete jobs in a fraction of the time with good accessibility no matter where they’re working.”

The BoSS® X-SERIES is available exclusively in the UK from Access Platform Sales (APS). APS expertly source new and used BoSS® X-SERIES micro-scissor lifts to ensure that you benefit from competitive pricing, as well as great finance packages. Customers are supported by APS’s comprehensive after-sales offering which includes warranty management of the BoSS® machines 3-year parts warranty, UK nationwide mobile service and spare parts vans, all backed up with workshops and replacement parts warehouse.