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The NEW BoSS Zone:1 takes towers to new heights

Feb 1, 2016

WernerCo is excited to announce the launch of its newly latest range of BoSS Zone:1 Fibreglass towers, which gives users the ability to reach platform heights of up to 12.2m without compromising on safety.

The BoSS Zone:1 Fibreglass range tower, which is compliant with EN1004:2004 standard, is a safe and practical alternative when other towers aren’t suitable for use, especially around electricity.

Fibreglass is strong, durable and non-conductive, so is ideal for special applications including challenging jobsites, rail maintenance, aviation industry and oil refineries and for use around electrical installation.

A material that is non-corrosive means it won’t suffer loss of strength or weaken with corrosion or rust.

Fibreglass allows users working in sterile, chemical and electrical environments such as food manufacture, to undertake their jobs safely and effectively due to its non-oxidising and non-sparking properties. The material is suitable to use when exposed to dust, vapour and combustible material – perfect for those working in hazardous environments.

The improved design of our latest Zone:1 tower range has strong and sturdy frames that are easy to assemble and work perfectly with any existing Zone:1 tower components. The integral ladder frames on the range also allow for easy access to the work area.

Make sure you visit WernerCo at the Executive Hire show at the Ricoh Arena, to view our full range of BoSS products including the BoSS Zone:1 Fibreglass towers.