BoSS Portal Walkthrough Frames

The BoSS Portal and Walkthrough Frames are aluminium frames which allow continued access beneath BoSS towers whilst work is in progress.


  • Extends functional use of BoSS access towers

Performance Overview

Model No.Width (m)Open Height (m)Depth (m)Approx. Product Weight (kg)Style
329513000.06m2.09m0.92m9.8kgWalkthrough Frames
330526000.77m2.16m0.07m12.8kgBoSS 700
331514000.85m6.4kgPortal Frames
331517001.51m2m0.06m10.8kgClimbing Frame
399513001.51m2.13m0.09m12.0kgLadder Frame
638514000.69m0.59m0.09m3.4kgGuardrail Frame