BoSS Decks

BoSS Deck components offer an array of equipment to build the framing of your tower.


    Performance Overview

    Model No.Open Length (m)Depth (m)Approx. Product Weight (kg)Style
    301511001.86m0.6m11.8kgFixed Deck
    302511002.56m0.6mFixed Deck
    303511003.46m0.6m22.8kgFixed Deck
    304511001.86m0.6m12.7kgTrap Door Platform
    305511002.56m0.6m16.3kgTrap Door Platform
    306511003.46m0.6m23.8kgTrap Door Platform
    307511001.86m0.6m12.1kgFully Hinged Deck
    308511002.56m0.6m16.6kgFully Hinged Deck
    309511001.36m0.6m9.0kgFixed Deck
    670701001.36m0.93m9.8kgTrap Door Platform