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Castor 150mm (6 inch)

32842300 BoSS Components - BoSS UK
32842300 BoSS Components - BoSS UK




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Castor 150mm (6 inch)

Performance Overview

StyleOpen Height (m)Width (m)Material
Adjustable Leg & Castor0.19m150mmAluminium / Steel
The BoSS 32842300 150mm (6 inch) Castor designed for both aluminium and GRP BoSS Towers, the castor fits on all BoSS related Ladderspan, Clima, 700 Series and Zone: 1 GRP Scaffolds


  • Encompassing a bright Yellow easily identifiable Polymer yellow castor within a Aluminium Adaptor
  • Safety brake including in the design to secure the tower during use and eliminate lateral drifting
  • Castor wheel should remain undamaged any cracks or damage to the castor the adaptor, the part should be replaced before use of the component.


FeatureSize / Details
Width (m)150mm
Open Height (m)0.19m
Approx. Product Weight (kg)3.3kg
StyleAdjustable Leg & Castor
MaterialAluminium / Steel

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Model No.Width (m)Open Height (m)Approx. Product Weight (kg)Material
32842300150mm0.19m3.3kgAluminium / Steel
32942300200mm0.24m3.9kgAluminium / Steel
33351300125mm0.13m2.9kgAluminium / Steel