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BoSS® is the UK's No.1 mobile access tower system.

We make towers that are easy to use and quick to adapt, so you spend less time building them and more time using them - which is why you can always Do More With BoSS®.

BoSS offers a range of working solutions to covers all your 'work at height' needs.

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BoSS Cantilever and Linked

Standard Components - Complex Structures

Often considered 'special' configurations, BoSS towers enable users to create complex tower builds - ideal for awkward or hard to reach jobs - using standard components that are available 'off-the-shelf'.

Standard Features
  • New Step-Through Ladder Frame Innovation to create multi-level walk through structures
  • Lightweight design for easier handling
  • BoSS claws colour coded to ensure braces are easily identifiable
  • Sturdy stabiliser with interlocking clips made from high grade aluminium to improve overall stability of towers
  • Integrated ladder with anti-slip rungs
  • Safe Working Load (SWL) Load classes 1- 3
  • Constructed using market leading BoSS tower components

Ideal for Overcoming All Manner of Obstacles

BoSS Cantilever enables the user to work over an obstruction when unable to support the other side of the tower. Platform height from 2.2m to 6.2m with 1.8m platform length.

BoSS Cantilever at a Glance
  • New Link Brace prevents frame separation

Ideal When Working Across Obstacles

BoSS Linked tower provides a continuous large working area. Platform height from 2.2m to 6.2m with a link bridge of 3.2m.

BoSS Linked at a Glance
  • New BoSS Plan Brace
    Rigid structure for improved product performance
  • Heavy duty - Manufactured from a high grade construction specification aluminium
  • 3.2m Fixed Deck provides a bigger working platform area with minimum components
  • BS1139-6 future proof design enables building of end linked towers
  • Guardrail for Step Through Multi Prupose Ladder

BoSS Ladderspan and Clima

Standard Features
  • Safe working load of 275kg per platform level
  • Frame widths of 850mm and 1450mm
  • 3T or AGR Build methods
  • Ribbed rung tubing for increased grip
BoSS Access Tower Camlock AGR Method

BoSS® Camlock AGR

BoSS Camlock Advanced Guardrail provides an alternative build method with fewer components for a quick and simple build method on Clima and Ladderspan towers.

Integral Ladders for Safe Access

BoSS Ladderspan Access Tower 3T Build Method
BoSS Ladderspan is the market leading tower system designed for the professional user. Towers are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to offer consistent quality. Available in a variety of sizes.

Ladderspan 3T Full Range
Ladderspan AGR Full Range
BoSS Ladderspan at a Glance
  • Rigid and robust construction
  • Integral ladders for safe access
  • Ribbed rung tubing for increased grip

Ultimate Versatile Climbing System

BoSS Clima Access Tower AGR Build Method
The premium aluminium modular access tower system featuring easy climb rung spacing.

Clima 3T Full Range
Clima AGR Full Range
BoSS Clima at a Glance
  • Floating frame spigots for easy assembly
  • Deck board edge protection for maximum security
  • 0.25m frame rung spacing for easy climbing

BoSS 700 Series

Standard Features

  • Engineered for challenging jobsites
  • BoSS 700 series for guaranteed interchangeability
  • Safe working load of 275kg per platform level

Solo 700
One Man Operation

The rapid build single person BoSS Access Tower.

BoSS Solo 700 at a Glance
  • Designed to be quick and safe to assemble by one person
  • Base-unit forms trolley for convenient storage and transportation
  • Compact base size fits through standard doorways
  • Variable working heights up to 6.2m
  • 0.25m rung pitch for versatile working height positions
  • One piece aluminium folding toe board set
  • Ideal for use in public buildings and retail locations

StairMAX 700
Safe, Portable Access Solution

BoSS StairMAX 700 is the professional choice for working on stairs.

BoSS StairMAX 700 at a Glance
  • Safe working platform designed for confined spaces and stairwells
  • Convenient - use internally or externally
  • Compact base size fits through standard doorways and stairwells
  • Choice of 3 frame heights for build flexibility
  • Unique confined space stabilisers for stability
  • Variable working heights up to 13m (internally) or 7m (externally)
  • Available with Camlock frames and braces

Liftshaft 700
Confined Space System

Designed for use in confined spaces, the lightweight industrial modular access tower system has a compact base.

BoSS Liftshaft 700 at a Glance
  • Professional choice for use in confined spaces
  • Primed brace claw mechanism and floating frame spigots for ease of assembly
  • Aluminium deckprofile for deck board edge protection
  • Liftshaft / confined space stabiliser for maximum stability (available for platform heights from 4m to 20m).

BoSS Room-Mate

Professional Room Platform

Professional room platform and tower system ideal for interior decorating and maintenance work.

BoSS Room-Mate at a Glance
  • Modular - easy to store and transport
  • Fits through standard doorways and corridors
  • One person operation of folding base unit
  • Castors with compact trail / no trail positive locking brakes
  • 0.6m (W) x 1.8m (L) slip-resistant platform
  • Folding timber toe board for quick and easy installation
  • Safe working load of 275kg per platform level

BoSS Staircase

For Frequent Climbing and Descending

The lightweight industrial modular access tower system with minimal additional components.

BoSS Staircase at a Glance
  • Ideal for use where there is a need to frequently climb and descend
  • 0.5m frame rung spacing for safe and comfortable access
  • Self-closing trapdoor for security

BoSS Zone:1 Fibreglass

Flexibility + Safety = Zone:1

The fibreglass industrial tower system is perfect for working at height in special applications including challenging jobsites, rail maintenance, aviation industry and oil refineries, and for use around electrical installation.

BoSS Zone:1 at a Glance
  • Made from strong and durable fibreglass that is non-conductive, non-sparking, non-corrosive and non-oxidising
  • Frame collar encapsulates the GRP tube to eliminate accidental damage during assembly and transportation
  • Frame interlocking clip is retained in the collar reduces wear and tear
  • 30kg side loading as required by EN1004
  • Colour coded hook ensures the braces are easy to identify
  • Improved frame design enables quick assembly
  • Safe working load of 220kg per platform level

Why BoSS® ?

From low-level work platforms to a full range of mobile access towers, BoSS is the UK's leading mobile tower system.

PASMA Training

As a PASMA approved training centre, we offer the industry standard training programme on the safe use of mobile access towers and low level access equipment.

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