Low Level Work Systems

How many people can use the BoSS Low Level Work System?

The Low Level Work System is a 2 man working unit, it has more than 4 times the working area of a standard podium.

What is the duty rating?

Podiums are usually rated at only 150kg, the BoSS Low Level Work System has been successfully tested to PAS250 and has a professional duty rating of 275kg.

Where can I use BoSS Low Level Work System?

The unit is designed for indoor use however it can be used outdoors on flat surfaces with stabilisers. Used indoors the BoSS Low Level Work System can be positioned flush to the working area, causing no working restrictions.

What sizes of deck are available?

The Low Level Work System is an innovative product that can have a custom system length by linking multiple units together. The product utilises any standard BoSS deck, in additional there is ladder access via the clip on BoSS Stairway Ladder at either end of the platform for frequent access.

Individual unit lengths are 1.3m, 1.8m and 2.5m with platform heights of 0.75m and 1m.

Can I use other manufactures replacement parts?

It is essential that only BoSS approved replacement parts are used when maintaining and servicing BoSS products. Failure to do so may result in an unsafe product. The replacement parts can be ordered on our Spares or browse our BoSS Maintenance Centre to find the repair programme.

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Where can I get information about working at height?

All the information you require can be found here on the website and by participating in our Safety Training Programmes.

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